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Creamola Foam is back, well kind of…

I was having a nostalgic chat with some friends a few weeks ago about items from my childhood that are no longer available and it didn’t take too long for someone to mention the juvenile drink of choice… creamola foam! I have fond memories of this magical powder and how a couple of spoonfuls could transfer a mere glass of water into a fruity, frothy, refreshing beverage.

Creamola foam was manufactured in Glasgow and was mainly sold throughout Scotland from the 1950′s until Nestle ended production in 1998 probably because it was rotting the nations teeth!

I had been hearing rumours that creamola foam had recently come back on the market but after a quick google I found out the true story. It turns a Dunbartonshire sweet maker had recreated the recipe, although it is now going under the name of Kramola Fizz to avoid the wrath of the Nestle lawyers.

I ordered a small tub of the raspberry Kramola Fizz from an online sweet shop called Allmarks Sweet Shop which turns out is just up the road in Renfrew.

My order arrived the other day in a rather inconspicuous brown packet back with a very nice touch of popcorn packing… although that went straight in the bin.

The instructions were very simple for the Kramola Fizz, “two teaspoons in half glass water, stir well”. Rather than just winging the measurements I thought I would do it justice and stick to the instructions so out came the teaspoon measure.

After adding just one teaspoon I thought this already looks pretty strong, although there was not much of a fizz. I thought I might as well just add the second teaspoon to see what happens and unlike the the first spoonful the drink foamed up nicely just as the faithfull creamola foam used to.

I was actually quite anxious at this point as to whether this modern copy would live up to my expectations and guess what….. it didn’t!

The drink was horrible, it had the taste of raspberry but it was very bland. Even with it probably mostly being made of sugar it still did not taste sweet enough. Given my negative reaction I decided to try it on my girlfriend but she thought that it was actually rather nice and that it definitely was like the original.

So I am left in a bit of a quandary, either this new version is nothing like the original or my taste buds back then were non existent!

Please let me know if you too have tried this product or your memories of Creamola Foam.

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